Museum, school, church or town hall – a public building has many visitors. There also unsightly souvenir left behind, such as graffiti and chewing gum stains. The surface coatings of servFaces ensure a clean cityscape. Here, dirt and graffiti have no chance.

The cost of cleaning in public buildings is high. Every day, many people walk in and out and bring in road pollution and other contaminants.
With the bionic surface seals from servFaces, dirt and lubrication no longer have a long duration. The cleaning effort is considerably reduced.
This is not only good for the environment but also saves money. Longer cleaning intervals for glass surfaces or monument protection with anti-graffiti coating, splendid canteen kitchens and well-maintained school interiors are investments that pay off in the long term.

Thanks to the self-cleaning effect on sandy beaches or facades on heavily traveled roads, deep hydrophobization is ensured. Dirt and accumulations are simply washed away with the rain. ServFaces offers concentrated know-how in environmentally friendly surface optimization and sustainable building care. Use our knowledge to meet your specific requirements in the public sector.

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