Salty sea air is good for us. For many materials of ships, boats or yachts it goes another way. Without the right sealing, they quickly take advantage of extreme weather conditions.
With the specialists of servFaces, indoor and outdoor areas are protected against stains and environmental influences, even on the high seas.

In the water, there are fascinating creatures. Algae, mussels or barnacles belong to the survivalists among them. They make themselves comfortable on the ship hull. However, this will permanently damage the carrier material. Over water, salt air and sunshine ensure poor visibility and rapid material wear.

The yacht coating from servFaces is the hardest coating possible on gelcoat surfaces. It creates an anti-stick effect that reduces soiling in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.
They also prevent chalking (decay by UV radiation) and calcification. The servFaces formula for glass surfaces in the navigation area provides clear visibility. The hydrophobic surface optimization leaves no chance for saline water spots.

The hydrophobic surface optimization does not give salt-containing water spots any chance. Carelessly placed drinks, oil or alcohol stains make the interior unsightly. With the coatings of servFaces, soiling can no longer penetrate the material surface and is easier to remove. The special anti-limestone protection (Vitro Shower Cabine) for glass surfaces also ensures a clean and clear crossing in the wet cells.

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