Everyday environment contaminates the Interior and exterior of the car. At some point, the paint is off or the pads are stained. With the surface optimization of servFaces, the car is protected all around for a safe and clean driving pleasure.

Family carriages, car rental or city skaters are in daily use. This leaves traces in the interior and exterior of the car. From the outside, harmful tree resins, bird droppings, and weather damage the paint. In the interior, there is a problem with padding, streaks in the headliner or surface scratches.

To ensure the overall picture, servFaces has developed the right protection for interior and exterior surfaces. The surface optimization works with the principle of self-cleaning lotus. Bionic particles form an anti-stick effect by reducing the surface tension. So dirt can hardly stick and is easier to remove.

For exterior surfaces, Ceramic Coat Ultima by servFaces ensures long-lasting gloss and cleanliness. Inside, leather, suede and other textiles are optimally protected with the servFaces products
The surfaces remain breathable under the water and dirt repellent protective layer. The anti-fogging formula for inner windows provides clear visibility.

The surface optimization facilitates cleaning considerably and thus saves resources because less water and cleaning agents are used.The water-based seals for the interior are harmless for people and the environment.

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